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Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a super-human PPC campaign specialist. You, along with many satisfied SpeedPPC users are already one step ahead of your competitors. You've identified the need to become more savvy when it comes to your Google Ads and are looking for that extra edge for your Quality Score and CTR to maximise your ROI.

If you are ready to jump straight in and learn about the platform so you can begin to save time building and managing your campaign, checkout this 8min Orientation video to familiarise yourself with your new powerful tool. SpeedPPC Introduction.

Not quit ready? No problem. We know it takes a while to feel comfortable with a new tool and we certainly want to help you get going as quickly as possible so you can begin to benefit from the sophisticated automation that under pins SpeedPPC.

Here's an few things to consider:

SpeedPPC is designed to remove the effort and time from manually developing extensive campaigns
If you have created paid search campaign the old school way, in Excel with formulas, you'll quickly appreciate just how powerful the SpeedPPC platform is
SpeedPPC isn't designed to replace Google AdWords Editor. Think of SpeedPPC as its Fairy Godmother that has magical powers and brings good fortune!
You can make an immediate start on building out campaigns for free. The subscription commences when you are ready to publish your campaigns to your Google Ads account.
If it's your first campaign build, spend some time creating reports to obtain in depth insight on your competitors advertising activity and keyword selection so you don't waste any time reinventing the wheel.

What you'll need to make the most of SpeedPPC:

If you haven't already got yourself a Google Ads account, head over to Google Ads
Download a copy of Google AdWords Editor to your PC here
Browse the library of articles on SpeedPPC for further campaign development assistance
Don't be shy. We are hear to help. So contact us at any time.

So what are you waiting for?
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