The philosophy behind SpeedPPC

If you've been doing PPC marketing for any period of time, you understand that there are several key elements in the process that you need to get right if you're going to have great results. If you fall down in any of these, you risk running a losing campaign that will end up costing you money instead of making it.

Back in 1999

I started doing PPC marketing back in 1999 when it wasn't well known. I used companies like and Sprinks to do a sort of arbitrage using PPC traffic to send to a content site I owned. I had an exclusive deal with to show advertising on the site and was paid per thousand page impressions.

Arbitrage was easy back then due to the amount of money that Internet companies were burning through. I earned $26 for every 1,000 banner ad views. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that if I was paying five cents per visitor, and they viewed an average of five or more pages, I could pay $10 to make $26.

Unfortunately, the dot com bubble burst put an end to that gravy train. Anyway, since then I've come to understand just what it takes to make a great PPC campaign. I refer to it as the anatomy of the perfect PPC campaign.

5 Elements to a great campaign

In my opinion, it's really made up of five elements:

1) Highly targeted, relevant keywords.
2) Small, tightly grouped, ad groups based around the same terminology.
3) Text ads that match the keywords (and terminology) exactly.
4) Landing pages that match the keywords and the text ads exactly.
5) Tracking mechanisms that allow you to ensure that the keywords are paying for themselves.
If you can get this right (and you have a suitable product to sell) you're going to be a long way towards having a winning campaign.

The Challenges

But there are two variables that often throw a spanner in the works:

1) There's too much competition so it pushes the keyword prices up too high.
2) Your product simply doesn't make enough money per unit sold.

Because we are primarily affiliate marketers, the second is often a major problem because we're often being paid only a small percentage on the products for which we generate sales. So when we're faced with this second problem, we often have to go into the more “long tail” traffic (because we have little or no control over the referral fee). The “long tail” search terms have much lower volume and as a result much less competition and lower click costs.

However, there's a reason why there is much less competition. Most people either don't know about the long tail keywords, or can't be bothered setting up campaigns and loads of ad groups to target these phrases specifically.

Initially, we just left them out too. However, as time went on and the competition became tougher we decided we couldn't neglect them any longer. We needed to find a system that we could roll out quickly and easily to tap into this traffic more effectively.

As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and SpeedPPC was birthed. The whole philosophy of SpeedPPC is about keeping the anatomy of the perfect PPC campaign, but adding the ability to do it faster.

Much faster – usually thousands of times faster!

Jay Stockwell
Founder of SpeedPPC
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