Loading Your Google PPC Campaign into AdWords Editor

Loading your Campaign into Google’s AdWords Editor is a pretty simple process.

First – in SpeedPPC build your campaign:

Click the copy button as shown below:

Head over to AdWords Editor, Select Keywords and targeting. Select Make multiple changes. A dialogue box opens.

In the dialogue box – make sure you select the “My data includes columns for campaigns and/or ad groups” this tells Google that your campaign and ad group data are in the output file. Click on rhw “Paste from Clipboard” button and your keyword output file will load into AdWords Editor. If all looks good – click Process.

Another dialogue appears that shows you the number of campaigns, ad groups and keywords that were imported. If all looks good – click Finish and Review Changes.

Your Campaign, Ag Group and Keyword level data is now in AdWords Editor. You have the chance to review your campaign on a more granular level. If all looks good you can click the Keep button, if not click Reject. Notice the “!” next to Campaign. Don’t worry. All you need to do is click on Campaign and enter your campaign budget. The warning will go away.

To add your negative keywords, go back to SpeedPPC, click on the Negatives Copy Button and follow the steps detailed above. The only real difference is that rather than click on Keywords and targeting>Keywords click on Keywords and targeting > Keywords, Negative.

To add your Ads to the campaign return to SpeedPPC and click on the Ads Copy Button.

Return to AdWords Editor, select Ads and Extensions>Text Ads then click on the Make multiple changes button.

Follow the same steps for Ads as you did for Keywords.

That is all there is to it.

When ready to upload your campaign to your account, Select your campaign, click Check Changes and if all is well, click Post.
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