How to run a Competitor Landscape report

This step by step guide will walk you through the process of running an Competitor Landscape report.

This report allows you to discover all the competitors within the same space as the target URL. You can see a list of competitors, sorted by the number of common keywords.

From the left side menu, hover over the menu item 'Research'. Another menu item will fly out. Click on the menu item titled 'Competitor Landscape'.

The following page will load.

Firstly, enter the domain name you are interested to assessing when it comes to competitor landscape.

Secondly, select the geographical location of interest from the black button drop down titled 'US'. United States is the default selection on every report.

Now click the blue 'Search' button to run the report.

Lastly, save your report by clicking the green button titled 'Save Report' at the bottom of the page. Saving the report is optional.

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