How to combine "Mix & Pair" Keywords
A step-by-step guide for building a campaign with Mix & Pair keywords with SpeedPPC

A “Mix & Pair” keyword campaign allows you to take a seed keyword list and mix it with one expansion keyword list and pair with a second expansion list. Here, for example, you could take a seed keyword list that contains the names of products, you could take an expansion keyword list that contains selling points or calls to action, and then you could have a list of product landing page URLs. You mix the product name with the calls to action, and you pair this with the product landing page URL.

Login to SpeedPPC

Campaign>New Campaign
Name Your Campaign and add Campaign Description.

Campaign Set-Up

Campaign Type> Multi Core
Grouping Method>Seed
Target Selection: check AdWords or AdCenter or both.

Keyword Set-Up

Add Seed Keywords
Add Expansion Keywords
Add Negative Keywords
Advanced Options>Check Clean Extra Spaces and Clean Bad Characters
Phrase Spaces>Don’t Remove or Remove and Replace.

Keyword Combining Options

Mix Type: Mix & Pair
Mix Type Spacing>Space between words

Bids Set-up

Bid Keywords: select match type and enter max bid amount
for each.

If using broad match modifier>you can add the broad match
modifier to all words, the first word or the last word.

Negative Keywords > select match type for your negatives.

Ads Set-up

Choose standard ads, expanded ads, or advanced ads

To insert the Seed keywords into your ad headline and/or body copy use the {Seed:Default Text} syntax.

To insert the Expansion keywords into your ad headline or body use use the {Expansion1:Default Text} syntax.

To insert the corresponding product landing page URL into your final URL use the {Expansion2} syntax.

URL Set-up

This is the keyword level URL that passes keywords to your dynamic landing page if you are using a dki landing page. You can also append any 3rd party tracking code.

In this case you would use the {expansion1} syntax.

Preview to see what your ads will look like.
Build to create your keyword, negative keyword and ad files.
Remember to SAVE.

For AdWords – copy and paste these files into AdWords Editor.
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